Smashing the Plateau

Turn Rejection Into Opportunity

Bestselling author and radio host Tony Wilkins credits all of his success to one thing…being perpetually pissed off. In the face of rejection (and he has had his share), Tony finds a way to leverage his animosity and convert every “no” into an opportunity for something greater. Today he explains why it’s okay for business leaders to have feelings, and how to use them to get what they need. He also reveals how to make it as a self-taught public speaker and entrepreneur.

We discuss…

  • Defining reciprocity (and making it work for you)
  • Verbalizing your message and getting it out there
  • Developing your skills and figuring out how to get paid for them
  • Why he never gives unsolicited advice

Tony Wilkins is one of the premier authorities on connecting people of influence to one another. His popular Internet radio show, Small Business Forum Radio, reaches over 200,000 business owners globally and is one of the top business shows on the network.

He is a master networker whose global connections span multiple industries including film, media, art, literary, politics, small business, start-ups and culinary; with ties to organizations like the Small Business Administration, Public Speakers Association, NAWBO, BNI, various business chambers, San Francisco City Hall and the Golden Gate Business Association.

Tony is the author of several books including the best-selling Telemarketing Success for Small and Mid-sized Firms, The Single Person’s Cookbook and Surviving the Economy. His new book, The Career Whisperer: Behind the Podium is a step-by-step guide for anyone looking to launch a career as a public speaker or for sales professionals looking for a better way to reach more prospects faster and easier. Tony is also the publisher of Small Business Forum Magazine, Foodie Quarterly, and Podium Magazine. In addition, he has launched a very successful booking service for authors and speakers and is the creator of the annual Small Business Empowerment Conference and the Women of Influence Summit.

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Turning Your Hobby Into Revenue

Yaro Starak turned his entrepreneurial blog into a moneymaking machine. By embracing his mistakes and capitalizing on audience insights, Yaro developed a model that made him a rock star in the online business world. Today he explains how he transformed his entrepreneurial hobby into an empire.

We discuss…

  • Building a connection with your audience.
  • Learning to enjoy the process and follow through.
  • How to overcome your doubts.
  • Using metrics to make big decisions.

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and the Founder of the blog. He began blogging over ten years ago, and when his income from blogging surpassed $10,000 a month, he decided his future lay in this new publishing medium.

Since then Yaro has mentored thousands of other experts, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers how to turn their expertise into a profitable online business. Today Yaro helps people set up their own “Blog Sales Funnel,” a system that combines blogging with email marketing to build a platform to sell your own digital training products.

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How To Become More Adaptable With Jerry Weinstein

If there’s one thing seasoned entrepreneur Jerry Weinstein understands, it is that change is always on the horizon. If business leaders want to keep up, they’ll need to intellectually prepare themselves for the unpredictable. In today’s episode, Jerry uncovers what leaders can do to anticipate and adapt to change. He also discusses why there’s no sense in punishing ourselves for our failures, and why we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.

Topics include:

  • The three types of change (and how to face them)
  • Developing a personal evaluation system
  • Knowing when it’s time to ask for help

Jerry Weinstein is an entrepreneur and corporate executive with over 50 years of experience. He is a 1957 graduate of Rensselaer in Chemical Engineering with graduate work in Business and Operations research. His experience includes startups and high growth businesses in industrial products with an emphasis on construction and building products using a variety of materials. His experience includes domestic and global activities.

He is the owner and co-founder of the decorative concrete contracting business, North Jersey Bomanite, as well as a Board member of Ecovative Design, a leading bio materials company. Jerry is also a Mentor with Score NYC (SBA) and a board member of two nonprofits in the Arts.

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Why Keeping It Simple Always Works

Daniel Maw’s personal frustrations with the web became the inspiration behind his award-winning design agency HACKSAW. According to Daniel, effective design is all about ease. He believes that easy user experiences lead to happier customers and bigger payoffs…and today he talks about why. He also shows us how to stop coveting other people’s success and start appreciating your own value.

Topics include:

  • Minor changes that make a major impact.
  • Building trust with your customers.
  • Why taking time for yourself can lead to life-changing clarity.

Daniel Maw is the Co-founder and Director of HACKSAW™. With over a decade in the industry, Daniel has excelled, made a few mistakes and learned a great deal. It’s about time the web stepped its game up again, and that’s what he’s here to do.

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Finding Your Greater Purpose With Leon Jay

Leon Jay leveraged his background in psychology to become one of biggest voices in online marketing. Now he helps other entrepreneurs strike it big by lecturing all over the world. According to Leon, there are five P’s to success, and the most important one is purpose. Today he reveals why discovering the greater purpose behind your business will lead to bigger triumphs and even more professional passion. He also discusses why every business makes a difference in the world, and why it’s ultimately up to you to find the kind of difference you want to make.

We discuss…

  • Why most mastermind groups fail (and how to find one that won’t)
  • Getting out of the poverty mindset
  • Pursuing value as the key to success

Leon Jay is an international author and seminar speaker on the topic of online business. He has spoken in the UK, NZ, Australia, America, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Israel. He has consulted and partnered on various 6 and 7 figure launches, is the Founder of (a platform for digital and information markers) and (an autoresponder service). He also co-founded (an online copywriting software and sales page builder) and is co-founder of Coffee Monster (a cafe and co-working space for digital nomads in Chiang Mai Thailand).

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Why You Should Narrow Your Focus With Jason Resnick

Like most freelancers, Jason Resnick was too busy bouncing from project to project to center his energy on growing his business. He also found himself falling behind on the latest technology. When Jason finally realized he needed to narrow his focus instead of broaden it, he was able to productize his service and take his business (and happiness) to new heights. Today he talks about the three simple steps every that helped him get there.

Topics include:

  • The real meaning of optimization.
  • Why you can’t do it all (and why that’s okay).
  • How to keep your customers focused.
  • Identifying change (and what that means for your business).

Jason Resnick is a freelance web developer focused on growing e-commerce businesses through optimization and automation. With a focus on WordPress and WooCommerce based websites, he’s been able to help businesses increase sales through their website of up to 30%.

As a freelancer, Jason has been through it all. He’s pivoted his business from contract/project based to a productized service. This has allowed him to maintain sustainability as a business to be able to provide a better service for his clients. As a result, Jason is helping other freelancers build sustainable businesses much in the same way so that they can provide a high level of quality service to their clients.

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Turning Your Weaknesses Into Superpowers With Matt Curry

When Matt Curry was diagnosed with ADD as a kid, he could have let it destroy his dreams of becoming a business owner. Instead, he made it his superpower. Embracing the challenge of converting his adversities into strengths gave Matt the drive he needed to turn his goals into realities. Today Matt talks about this as well as the art of giving back, why taking care of people should be your top priority, and much more.

We discuss:

  • The characteristics of a good teammate (and leader).
  • Making it through transitional periods.
  • How plateaus can lead to new opportunities.
  • Paying attention to the finer details.

Matt Curry is a highly successful entrepreneur and automotive industry expert with more than 30 years experience. From his first job changing tires at age 15 to his current accomplishments as a best-selling author and business coach, Matt is a visionary recognized for his contributions to his field, as well as his strong record of public service.

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From Child Programmer To Digital Maven With Maisha Walker

Maisha Walker reveals how her prominent career in digital media started from a childhood love of programming. In this episode, she explains why breaking down your weaknesses—and building them back up again—is the key to personal and professional growth. Maisha also shows us how to level the marketing playing field through education, and how to “toughen up” when asking for advice.

Topics include:

  • Three actions every entrepreneur should take immediately.
  • How to find the help you need when you need it.
  • Embracing frameworks and letting go of resistance.
  • Why you need to examine your wellbeing.

Maisha Walker is President of Message Medium, a digital marketing agency that helps successful brands harness the power of digital to achieve aggressive growth. She has toured the country with companies like Microsoft Bing, JP Morgan Chase, and Capital One, been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Fox News and NBC News. Her featured column for Inc. became their highest trafficked blog in less than one year, and has been quoted and featured by Business Week, Guy Kawasaki (the former editor of Entrepreneur magazine), the American Marketing Association and even Perez Hilton.

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How To Find The Right Advisor

Smashing the Plateau

When it comes to finding an advisor, many of us never ask the right questions. We’re too focused on the right-now when we should be concentrating on the long-term. Here’s where a good mentor comes in. A seasoned advisor not only prepares you for the long haul, they’re willing to take on the uncomfortable conversations. The right mentor always puts honesty first – even when it’s against their own self-interest. Today we’re digging deeper into this advisor role and showing you exactly what to look for when trying to find the right one.

Topics include:

  • When eccentric exercises get out of control.
  • Why you need a good mix of resources.
  • Not feeling threatened by honest feedback.
  • The dangers of catchphrases.

The One Thing Every Solopreneur Needs to Succeed

Tanya Alvarez has a mission to help solo entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. How is she doing it? By providing the one thing solopreneurs need most…a community. At OwnersUP, Tanya has built the peer group superhighway – an online platform where leaders band together to solve problems, hold each other accountable, and get their businesses growing. Today she discusses why every leader needs the community mindset in order to burst through their blind spots. She also talks about the value of focusing on achievements rather than outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Three actions every entrepreneur should take immediately.
  • How to find the help you need when you need it.
  • Embracing frameworks and letting go of resistance.
  • Why you need to examine your wellbeing.

Tanya Alvarez is the Co-Founder and CEO of OwnersUP, a platform that advances solopreneurs’ businesses through accountability, goal setting, and community. Over the past fifteen years, Tanya has accumulated marketing experience with international & US companies including Nike and US Olympics. She started her first company at the age of 25 and grew it to be a profitable business from credit card debt to over $1mm in gross revenue the first year. Since then she has founded, bootstrapped, sold and invested in several companies.

Learn more about Tanya at LinkedIn and Twitter.